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New Arrivals

Pokemon Artisan Series

The Exclusive

Spiderman Mixing Keycaps Series

Super Mario Artisan Series

The Kapco Starter Pack

Creative Mixing Keycaps Series

Kapco Pudding Keycaps Series

Tokyo Summer Collection


Cherry MX Switch

Gateron Switch

Gateron Switches

Gateron Switches are smooth and more natural to use in general. The smoother the keystroke is the lesser the friction. Gateron switches are also known for producing slightly lesser noise. Gateron switches have a slightly higher actuation point (the point in which the keystroke is registered), this allows users to type more lightly relative to Cherry's slightly lower actuation point.

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Cherry MX Switches

Cherry MX Switches are known for it's long lasting quality. Depending on the color of the cross-shaped plunger, MX Standard switches are available as linear, tactile, and clicky switches, with or without RGB illumination. Variants with patented noise-damping are also available.

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Creative Color Mixing Keycaps

AMAZING WAY to bring your setup to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! Get backlit-transparent keycap sets with colors to match your set up, favorite teams, favorite colors, or just go wild with random colors that LOOK GOOD! In the end, it doesn't really matter why you choose a certain color combo, as long you as like them, that's all that matters.

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PBT plastic is known to be much more durable than ABS plastic and doesn’t grease easily over time. Dye sublimation is another process of printing the legends by combining the dye substance into the PBT plastic seamlessly so they will never fade away and you’ll barely feel them on top of the keycaps, unlike pad printing.

The Kap Co. Story

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